Sunday, November 15, 2009

Info Barrel

Info Barrel is another great article writing website that I have found.  I have heard many people on the eHow forums talking about Info Barrel.  I just started writing for Info Barrel on Oct. 5, 2009.  Since that time I have published five articles there.  The great thing about Info Barrel is that they offer more than just the "How-To" format, although they offer it as well.  They offer four different article templates for you to choose from.

  • Blank Article Template - This gives you complete control over how your article will look.
  • Video Article Template - This template is obviously for adding videos to go with your article.
  • How-To Article Template - This template is set up in steps so that you can easily fill in each step in the process.  You can also add pictures to each step to show your readers how to do the project.
  • Review Article Template - Use this template to write reviews for products, services, movies, CDs, etc.  You can give your overall review about your topic along with the pros and cons of it.
No matter which format you choose, it is a very simple process to get your articles up and running on Info Barrel.  In order to make money on Info Barrel you will need a Google AdSense Account.  You can sign up for one here.  For information on how to get a Google AdSense Publisher ID see this article.  Now that you have your AdSense ID it is time to begin writing articles.

Some of the guidelines for writing an Info Barrel article are:

  • The article should be at least 250 words, with an ideal length of 400 words or more.  Note that articles under 400 words will most likely not appear in their index meaning that people will most likely not find your article.  If people can't find your article then it's not really worth writing.
  • Your articles MUST be your original work, and not posted anywhere else on the web.  Articles that are not yours, and/or are posted elsewhere on the web will be rejected.
  • Your articles cannot be advertisements or promotional for any products or services.  
  • They must be written in proper English with correct grammar and spelling.
  • You cannot write articles that are hateful, derogatory, or pornographic.
  • You cannot link outside of Info Barrel within the first paragraph.  You can however, link to other Info Barrel content.
Each article that you submit is reviewed by a person so note that it will take some time before your article "goes live".  This usually happens within 24 hours.  Also note that if you edit an article after it is published that the edited article will have to go back under review before the edited article is published.  My most recently published article on Info Barrel has received over 200 views within 48 hours of being published.  I have earned $0.74 so far on Info Barrel.  Again, I am just starting with them and only have 5 articles published so far.  As with anything, the more time and effort that I put into it the better the return I should see out of it.  Since they offer more freedom of article writing than eHow I should be able to produce articles there more easily than I can on eHow, since I won't be limited to the How-To format for every article.

As I publish more articles with Info Barrel I will be sure to update the progress so that you can get a better idea of what to expect from them.  To sign up simply click here and get started writing and earning today.

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