Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This blog is about the various ways that I have found to make money online.

Welcome to my blog. If you are here you are most likely interested in finding legitimate ways to make money online. I'm sure you have started the same way I did, by using a search engine to look for "make money from home", "make money online", etc. When you do these searches you will get over 180 million results! I'm sure you know that most of these are scams. They vary from typing at home to MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). While I don't know of all of the legitimate ways to make money and I certainly don't know of all of the schemes and scams that you can fall victim to, I have found ways to make money online. To be clear, you will not get rich by doing these. You will, however make some extra spending money. Since I started earning money online, roughly two years ago, I have made a couple thousand dollars. Not great, but not bad either. After all, I'm on the internet anyway, why not make money while I'm at it. I'm not sure of the exact amount of money I've made online, since my online income is from a variety of sources over a fairly long period of time. I will show you all of the places that I know of where I make money online. I will also include some other ways that I am just starting and will keep you updated on the progress that I make with them.  In today's tough economy everyone needs more ways to make money.  I will show you ways to make money without spending a penny.