Saturday, October 24, 2009

CloudCrowd - Easy Money for Easy Work

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get in on a brand new way to make money online!  What is it?  CloudCrowd.  They are just starting up and there's no better time to get started with them.  If you can read and do a Google search then you have all the skills you need to work with CloudCrowd.  All you need is a Facebook and Paypal account.  The best part is: they pay daily.  Work that you complete by 5PM PST will be paid out to you the next day.  Here's what you can do with CloudCrowd, and the current payment for each task:
  • Find Websites for Non-US Companies.  ($0.17)
For this task you need to find English websites for companies that are based in China, Taiwan, or Korea.  You simply do a Google search for sites from these countries and copy the URL (website address) into their form, and find the contact email address and submit it as well.  They are looking for the page that talks about the company in English.  Their "About Us" page, in other words.  To find the email address simply look for the "Contact Us" button and click that and it should take you to their email address.  It's easy work and even though $0.17 doesn't sound like much it adds up.  I've talked to people that have made over $200 with them already.

  • Review Website Selections.  ($0.02)
This is the lowest paying job, however, it is also the easiest work.  This can be done fairly quickly so you can do more work faster.  You are grading other people's work.  They have done the job above (finding websites for non-US companies) and you need to either approve or reject their performance.  To approve their work the website (which will pop up in a new window) must: be for a Chinese, Taiwanese, or Korean company, the URL directs you to a description of the company in English and must be at least 80 words, it must have a valid email address, and finally that the English on the page must be weak to poor in quality.  (Basically if you can tell that someone from another country wrote it.)  If the above criteria are met then you would approve their work, and if any one of these criteria are not met you would reject the work.

  • Edit Badly-Written English Paragraphs.  ($1.44)
This is the highest paying job and the one that requires the most skill and work.  For this task you will need to significantly improve the English on the page that others have found.  To earn an excellent rating you have to bring the English up to the level that you would find on a major US based company's website.  If the page is already well-written then leave it alone and go to the next.  You will be editing the first 5 paragraphs.  You will need to fix spelling and grammar errors as well as fixing punctuation mistakes.  The final submission must be at least 80 words long.

  • Grade Written Text.  ($0.05)
This task is the second lowest paying, however, it is also fairly easy work.  You are grading the work of someone else who has already edited the badly-written English paragraphs described above.  You will be comparing the original work and the edited work to see if it has been substantially improved.  There are 5 levels of grading for this job:
  • Poor - Give this grade for submissions that are not at least 80 words long, has incomplete answers, if there are no changes to the original website, or if it already had well-written English.
  • Weak - The work has a few spelling or grammar errors.  If it is not well polished English.  
  • Fair - The work has more than 2 spelling or grammar errors, and it definitely improves the original.  This work would feel like an amateur wrote it compared to a major US-based company's website.
  • Good - Only has 1 or 2 spelling or grammar errors and is solid writing yet is still not quite polished enough to warrant an excellent grade.
  • Excellent - This is a grade that is very hard to award.  It must meet all of the following criteria:
  1. It must be very polished and well-written English.  The quality should mirror that of a major US-based company's website or that of a published book.
  2. It is easy to read.  It shouldn't have overly-complex sentences.
  3. The length is fairly close to that of the original site.
  4. Has the same tone as the original work.  If the original is boastful then the rewrite should be as well.  If it is more tame then the rewrite should match this.
  5. Does a good job of encouraging potential customers to do business with or partner with the company.
  6. The rewrite isn't overly flowery or cliched.
  7. Zero spelling and grammar errors.
As you can see, excellent will be a grade that you will rarely if ever give out.  However, don't let this prevent you from giving this grade if the work meets all of these above criteria.  Just remember that you will be graded for your work as well.  Don't just fly through things saying they are "Good" when they are not.  If you get enough poor grades on your work they won't want to have you working for them any longer.

If you find that there is no work available, don't be discouraged.  Check back often.  Since they are just starting up and the word is getting out they are being overwhelmed with people wanting to work for them.  They are working on improving this situation.  You can find an update from CloudCrowd here.

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